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Atlas Sound - IEDT9116L
Atlas Sound - IEDT9116L Atlas Sound - IEDT9116L
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16 x 16 120VAC Zone Output Processor

Model: IEDT9116L
  • CobraNet® digital network audio
  • 16 Analog source inputs
  • 16 Audio outputs
  • 6 Auxiliary line level outputs
  • Supports ambient noise level analysis
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The T9116 Zone Output Processor mainframe provides digital audio network connections, utilizing CobraNet® technology, to an IED audio network controller such as a 500 Series Announcement Control System or GLOBALCOM vACS®. Local program or background music (BGM) inputs can connect to analog connections located on the back of the mainframe. Digital Signal Processing is provided on each of 16 output channels and includes input level controls, paging routing, automatic ducking of background music, equalization (up to 9 parametric bands per amplifier channel), signal delay, and IED’s patented technology for ambient analysis based automatic level control. The mainframe contains integrated supervision that monitors the each signal path and reports any failures to the IED fault reporting system.

The mainframe requires 2 rack units (3.5”) of vertical space in a 19” equipment rack/cabinet. All cooling is front to back, so no additional vertical space is required in the rack for cooling. All input and output connections are provided on the back using plug-in lugless compression-type screw terminals.

Optional collector units are available to support advanced features such as Ambient Analysis or enhanced supervision. The T9032NS Ambient Analysis Sensor Collector used to interface with up to 32 IED 540S ambient sensors. Each sensor reports the ambient noise level at its location and that information is used by the T9116 to automatically adjust the output level as the ambient noise level changes. The T9040NLR is a collector unit that includes a combination of logic inputs, relay outputs, and noise sensor inputs. When additional supervision points are required, the T9032MT Monitor/Test Collector can be used to add an additional 32 test points to be used by the system. The T9032MT can be used with optional 596SGFI modules to monitor current and ground faults in loudspeaker lines. These add-on options are linked via the Ethernet connection.

Audio signals enter the T9116 Mainframe using the local analog program/BGM connections or through the Ethernet connection using CobraNet® technology. The combination of the Titan Series T9116 Mainframe System, GLOBALCOM® controller, 1000 vACS®, IED 500ACS with IED 510N Digital Audio Network card, and IED 524 or 528 digital microphone stations comprises a completely digital/network connected audio/paging system.

  • CobraNet® digital network audio
  • 16 Analog source inputs
  • 16 Audio outputs
  • 6 Auxiliary line level outputs
  • Supports ambient noise level analysis
  • Integrated DSP per output channel including level control, routing, EQ, delay, and ducking
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